Elmer coaching

Helping businesses and individuals to make superior change

Elmer Coaching ensures that businesses get the most out of their people at all levels of an organisation:

Business Growth

Discover new opportunities in your business and sustainably increase your revenue. Manageable growth that considers today's challenges and cash-flow constraints.

Team Performance

Building self-awareness and maximising potential for your entire team.

Leadership Development

Supporting leaders at all levels to be their best.

Executive Coaching

Driving individual and collective excellence through effective coaching.

Sales Management

Developing operational processes, and sales strategies.

Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Nurturing and repairing professional relationships.


About Elmer Coaching

My purpose is to maximise potential, ensuring that businesses get the most out of their people at all levels of the organisation, the prerequisite to genuine transformation.


Here for you

I coach and mentor Individuals and Businesses to help them reach their full potential. I bring a breadth of experience and qualifications to ensure you have confidence you are working with someone that can make a difference to yourself or your business.


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Charlotte Elmer

What I learned in a year

Exactly a year ago today I woke up unemployed. I’ve written before about what I have learnt about being made redundant and the process I

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