Bank holiday weekend in the UK. The Sun is shining, the School Holidays are slowly coming to an end and it’s four months until Christmas and a New Year is upon us. And there is All to Play for…


I used to HATE this time of year when I was a teenager. I remember the dread of going back to school; feeling awkward, not really fitting in, wanting to work hard and get rewarded but the feeling I wasn’t recognised….and generally not being comfortable or particularly sure of what was next for me.

I am sure there are many Children, and Adults for that matter, feeling like this today.

It’s nearing the end of the holidays and new Schools are ahead for many Children and for the Adults, the return to work after an extended period off with the family and friends.

Our Daughter Jasmine is about to start Secondary School. New Friends. New School Layout. New Teachers. New Subjects. New Uniform. New Bus Route. New Everything…And She is Excited. In her own words “I Am Ready To Move On”.

Jasmine is fundamentally different to how I was as a child. She looks at each day and decides ‘How Am I going to have a Great Day’. She doesn’t focus on BIG goals, she doesn’t focus on being the BEST at everything she does, she focuses on just BEING.

She Lives in HER World.

I asked her about starting her new School on our journey down to Cornwall this weekend and her message to me was as simple as it comes. “Mum you worry too much. Why would I worry about starting a new School? Yes, I need to make new friends and find my way about but it will be fine”. “I want to spend the rest of my holidays having fun and I will worry about that if I need to when I get to School”.

As simple as that. I Am Worrying for her…And what the hell is that all about!

My own past experiences and fears are showing up from when I went to school and I am worrying that my daughter will have the same experiences or thoughts as I did.

BUT…She is Not Me. She has her Own Mind, Thoughts and ‘Just Being’ mentality.

I am not saying Jasmine doesn’t have dreams and things she wants to do, and nor that she doesn’t experience fear or anxiety, but she approaches them differently.

She focuses on making her life the best each day to help her achieve her goals. Instead of breaking everything down into the detail of ‘these are the things what I have to do to achieve my goals’ she is far more relaxed in her approach. Again the total opposite to how I would and do approach things.

So, What Do We Take From This?

There are 4 months till the year is out. And time to shift how we choose to run our lives. I have learnt a lot from my daughter over the summer holidays, particularly in how I am living my life. So, over the next 4 months, I will Be Focussing on just Being. Being Present Mentally and Physically. Being Enough. Being Happy. Being Kind to Myself.

Yes, I Have Business Goals, Yes, I Have New Courses I am Starting, Yes I Have targets I Want to hit…but, the most important difference I want to make over the next 4 months is in Myself.

Whether you are a parent to a Child starting a new School, a Parent to a Child dreading just going back to school, an Adult dreading or excited about going back to work… or whatever YOU choose to be…What are you going to shift over the next 4 months to Make A Difference?

Happy Bank Holiday… ☀️

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