COVID-19 Business Advice and Support

These are unprecedented times. They call for leadership, courage and community. 

Times of fear, uncertainty and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. But the pandemic is absolutely a reason why leadership and the ability to work virtually have suddenly become even more important. 

The ongoing taking care of your response plan to Covid-19 will help you navigate the crisis more effectively – emotionally and mentally. 

Now more than ever, your team and your community are looking to you for a demonstration of your values.

Elmer Coaching is here to support owners, executives and managers to lead with confidence, courage and purpose through the Covid-19 pandemic.

Helping you Lead with Purpose through Covid-19

At Elmer Coaching I know there are many decisions to be made, information to process, issues to deal with.  Trying to keep everything going through a time of huge uncertainty is a prioritisation and time management skillset in itself. 

To help business through this time, there are 3 ways I can help you:

  • Leaders endurance guidance – Simple, no-nonsense advice and techniques to keep you well during this time, while acting as a sounding board as you make complex decisions. This includes guidance on cash flow, expenses and forecasting. 
  • Team guidance – Vital aspects of how to keep your team calm, courageous and positive. As well as, how and why the structuring and operationalisation of your virtual/remote team is of the utmost importance. This includes any employees not working or furloughed too.
  • Community engagement guidance – The things you can do to help the community and the wider effort. Ideas that will make a difference to you as a leader, your staff and their motivation to keep going.

Communication is absolutely key at this time – with employees, suppliers and the wider community. People need reassurance, kindness and compassion. But they also need clarity. 

In the absence of strong and clear communication, they will create their own narrative, and it will always be a worst-case scenario. 

Elmer Coaching can help you hone your messages and make sure that miscommunication doesn’t become your biggest problem.

Support & Assistance from Elmer Coaching

I am happy to take calls from businesses of any size and in any industry to discuss their challenges and give them our advice, guidance and recommendations. There is absolutely no obligation to buy anything, this is purely an offer of a helping hand to business owners facing challenges in unprecedented times.

Feel free to get in touch direct via our email or call immediately on 0333 050 8195

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