The ‘transforming’​ business – a new way for the future? What do YOU think?

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 businesses throughout the globe are having to find new ways of working.

No longer are virtual ‘Webex’ ‘MS Teams’ or ‘Zoom’ calls for those of you who have worked in EMEA, Global or Field Sales roles that have always required the necessity to work in this manner.

This is now the reality for any Local, European and Global business in any Industry sector.

As social distancing rules slowly start to relax and the business world starts to gradually dial-up again – We have to ask ourselves and our teams ‘What have we learnt during this period of self isolation?’ AND ‘Have we as a team found a better way of working’?

These powerful questions will not only create a space for true reflection in relation to the good, bad and ugly of virtual working, but will create the platform and discussion as to how the business should operate moving forward.

At Elmer Coaching, I support businesses by working with you and your teams to determine what you believe your business should look and operate like for the future – encapsulating all the learnings experienced over the past few months.

I would work with you to discuss the following:

  • Should we organise our business to work from home more frequently?
  • Team organisation and structure – is it optimal for virtual working?
  • Do we have the IT systems in place we believe we need to ensure we operate efficiently and effectively?
  • What governance model do we now need to have in place to manage our business?
  • What health and safety risk factors do we need to consider for those that work at home?
  • How do we manage our team virtually to ensure clear communication and collaboration exists?

These are just a few of the areas I can discuss with you.

Ultimately, the way you choose your business to operate moving forward has to have YOUR customers, including your employees at the heart of your decision making.

The decisions you make today and ongoing will send a clear message out to your customers, employees and competitors as to what you believe successful team working and business operations look like for the future. This is your businesses opportunity to create and make change – my job at Elmer Coaching is to support you and your teams through this transition.

At Elmer Coaching, regardless of the situation, I am here to ensure businesses continue to unlock potential and maximise performance – albeit face to face or virtually. 

Do leave your feedback and comments as to what you believe the future holds for businesses – including what leadership looks like for the future – keen to hear your thoughts and opinions…



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