Philippa Aldridge


Philippa Aldridge is an experienced Holistic Mindset Coach working with clients across EMEA, Asia Pacific and the US. She is a successful businesswoman who leveraged holistic mindset coaching and meditation in her own career and personal life. This helped Philippa to find HER answers and provided the safe space and opportunity to be listened to and heard without judgement.

Based on her own experiences with coaching and the powerful change she experienced she decided to train as a coach and a meditation teacher.

Philippa offers a sounding board and a listening ear; an opportunity to externally process the internal chatter without judgement. She holds the space so you will feel safe and supported.

Philippa is a Listener and a Holistic Mindset Coach. She is not here for advising strategy as like some of the other coaches in Elmer Coaching.

She works with women and men at all levels of their career. She will listen to you and ask questions to support you as you uncover the answers you are looking for and to find out what you truly want as you re-connect with yourself.

After a session, clients report feeling clearer, less overwhelmed, more productive and to have discovered the first steps to help them move forward.


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