Starting a new business is exciting, thrilling and somewhat daunting. Moving from a regular salaried role, to one where you are dependent on your own pipeline can bring about many emotions. As a Women writing this article today on International Women’s Day, I feel I have a duty to share some of my experiences over […]

COVID-19 Business Advice and Support

These are unprecedented times. They call for leadership, courage and community.  Times of fear, uncertainty and anxiety can drive us to become very self-focused. But the pandemic is absolutely a reason why leadership and the ability to work virtually have suddenly become even more important.  The ongoing taking care of your response plan to Covid-19 […]

What I learned in a year

Exactly a year ago today I woke up unemployed. I’ve written before about what I have learnt about being made redundant and the process I went through to become self-employed. But I am yet to share what really went on for me over the past 12 months. The past 12 months have been an absolute […]

4 Months To Make A Difference

Bank holiday weekend in the UK. The Sun is shining, the School Holidays are slowly coming to an end and it’s four months until Christmas and a New Year is upon us. And there is All to Play for… HOWEVER… I used to HATE this time of year when I was a teenager. I remember […]

What I learned about being made redundant…

Being made REDUNDANT. Just saying those words out loud helped. REDUNDANT. No longer needed or useful. Pretty harsh when you read the dictionary meaning. This was the situation I was in late last year. Although I had a gut feeling something was going on in the business and much change was happening, I don’t think […]

5 Ways Personal Growth Makes Your Business Stronger

Being an entrepreneur is more than the business you start. People buy from the person or the idea behind the business. They make that buying decision when they know the entrepreneur, like him and/or his business, and have some trust. You have to continue growing as an individual to be an entrepreneur trusted by your customers and leads. It’s sad […]