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Conflict Resolution & Mediation

Workplace mediation is there to repair professional relationships. Sometimes relationships at work can come under strain and when they do, mediation is often the best option. Elmer Coaching has an extensive track record of resolving disputes quickly and effectively.

Commercial Mediation

My high success rate is due to my tailored approach. I arrange pre-mediation contact at the earliest opportunity, to build rapport with parties and to coach parties, where useful, on the most effective means of presenting their views.

Team Facilitation/Mediation

I work with teams that need assistance in resolving issues such as understanding how to work more effectively together and/or how to resolve differing opinions on structural or strategic issues. Being external and neutral means we can help facilitate a focused, balanced and rational debate to get to a result that is best for the team involved and the business.

My approach is tailored

Conflict Coaching

I can serve as a confidential listener, to help the coachee to see the situation from all perspectives, support them in considering options, and help them come up with a plan of action to deal with the conflict. Also, I can help the coachee rehearse a conversation so that they are prepared to enter into the conflict resolution discussion more confidently.

Developing Mediation Skills for Managers and HR

Designed for managers and HR professionals who want to be able to handle issues as they emerge and through a better sense of how and what they can do in the moment where the issues are still less problematic and potentially less litigious.

I teach conflict resolution skills that enable issues to be nipped in the bud by confidently drawing on tools a mediator uses as part of their competency skill-set. This could include, analysing workplace conflict to better diagnose and engage with differences, recognising a range of conflict styles (including their own) and being more mindful of how best to engage effectively with other styles. This could be achieved by:

  • Using a process map to guide people through difficult conversations
  • Practising key skills for engaging with conflict
  • Using the skills and process to better engage and provide guidance for staff and managers.


What my clients say

Building trust with my clients and their people is of paramount importance to me, as it allows me to make a meaningful impact on them, their teams and their business.  

I’ve been working with Elmer Coaching for the past 4 months while I have been transitioning roles from a Senior Manager to a Partner. Charlotte's approach is kind but direct, positively challenging me to question my thinking and whether there is a different lens I could be approaching something. She provides constructive business advice when requested and needed, while also allowing me to consider my own options of making the changes I am striving for.

Liza Rowles

Director - Seymour Taylor

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