Leadership Development

Given the pressures on a modern leader, businesses need to give their top people the time to think about their development and the space to make good decisions for the benefit of themselves and the organisation. To face new challenges requires resilience, courage and clear vision. To give leaders the opportunity to allow the talented people underneath them to develop their repertoire of skills and abilities clearly maximises their own performance and impact.


Leadership Development Audit

Elmer Coaching has helped many organisations accelerate the development of teams and individuals. I take the time to understand your organisation’s culture and apply the most appropriate assessments to elicit significant insights. A typical leadership development audit and review process will draw on my experience as a qualified user of a wide range of psychometric tools:

  • 360° feedback tailored via verbal and/or written questionnaire
  • Strengths assessment tests such as Realise 2, Strength Deployment Indicator and StrengthScope;
  • Personality tests such as DISC and Myers Briggs (Steps I and II)
  • Emotional intelligence tests including BarOn EQi and EQ360
  • Ability and Development tests including Watson Glaser, SHL Ability/Motivation Styles and SHL Perspectives on Management Competencies, the Hogan Development Survey and HBRI to look at tactical and strategic thinking;


I tailor my audits to suit your needs to identify themes, strengths, opportunities for growth and potential derailers to support a developmental plan for each coachee and their manager.

Inclusion, Neurodiversity and Innovation

I support teams to embrace a deeper understanding of inclusive leadership and of the actions which they can take to create inclusive team cultures. At the heart of our approach is a felt experience of inclusion and exclusion to use as an anchor to motivate and remind individuals of its importance in all its aspects. I expose delegates to different scenarios to help them confront their own assumptions, behaviours and biases. And also then enable them to put plans in place to recognise and mitigate those so that they leave feeling motivated and able to contribute to the organisational Inclusion agenda.

Women In Leadership

I am an expert in delivering female leadership programmes. I support women to think about their style, approach and confidence in the workplace and provide insight and guidance on how best to get to where they want to be. As part of my work, I provide PDP planning support, one-to-one coaching and/or mentoring to focus on specific needs as well as utilising tools to gain insight as to how best to interact with colleagues and behavioural styles to address.

Coaching for Leaders programme

My Coaching for Leaders programme aims to build leadership coaching capability that delivers engagement, high performance and team effectiveness.


The facilitator teams offer a blend of tailored options for designing these in consultation with the programme sponsor. Team-building activities may be included and/or questionnaires, including psychometrics as appropriate.

Follow-through on actions is key and I will discuss what would be most appropriate to ensure the day(s) are a success.


What my clients say

Building trust with my clients and their people is of paramount importance to me, as it allows me to make a meaningful impact on them, their teams and their business.  

Creativity, positivity, strong strategic thinking and high energy levels are some of Charlotte's key strengths I observed while she worked with my Leadership Team. She has the ability to analyse complex situations and work with me to come up with pragmatic yet simple enough solutions that can be executed with ease to assist the business to grow from strength to strength.

Thomas Carr

Managing Director - Energy Generator Hire Ltd

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