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At Elmer Coaching I have identified through working with Executives, Managers and their teams that some of the business challenges they face are due to the development requirements of their sales team and operational processes, including their in-direct/partner strategies. 


How I do it

When I work with clients, I support them primarily to address the following questions:

1. What is your value proposition?

I have found that very often it is hard for some companies to clearly explain why a customer should choose them over a competitor. If your sales team can’t do this well, they don’t have a chance to grow your business quickly or effectively. 

2. Do you have a clear sales process and predictable forecast?

Does your sales process work as it should? Is your sales process too vague or too rigid? What are bottlenecks impacting time and resources costs? Does it fit to your customers current purchase patterns? Do you have confidence in your pipeline management? 

These answers lead us to improve your sales processes. My consulting engagements can create maps of tangible gates and goals for sellers to achieve before advancing an opportunity in the pipeline. Is your sales forecast accuracy backed up by facts or only gut feeling? When win rates are not high enough and forecasting accuracy is too low, there is a clear opportunity for sales process improvement. I will help your sales reps and sales managers to speak a common language regarding opportunities in the pipeline. When a common language is used, deals are qualified or disqualified faster and more accurately.

3. Are you tracking sales effectiveness using the best metrics for you?

Are you measuring what needs to be measured to track your sales effectiveness? As a part of the project we will: create visible, consistent, and manageable metrics that ignite sales performance and optionally report real-time analytics through sales intelligence dashboard.

4. What are you doing to increase your sales funnel and/or increase your close ratio?

What is your clear plan for sales growth? Do you know where your new leads will come from and where the source is dry? What to do to increase the amount of closable sales?

5. What are behaviours driven by your sales compensation structure?

Compensation is a very powerful motivator for sales teams, and it can be also a huge destructor. Does your bonus structure drive actions you expect?

6. Do you have right sales people in right sales team structure?

Your team should be your great strength. Are they high performing  team? What stops them from delivering ambitious results  What are route causes ? Is it the people, the culture, the training? 

Usually, when I work with my clients, depending on their needs, we touch many of the following activities:

  • Sales process optimisation and forecast accuracy improvement
  • Value proposition review and optimisation
  • Sales strategy review and fixing bottlenecks
  • Ideal customer definition
  • Sales team structure
  • Sales team recruitment
  • Lead generation and lead management end-to-end process
  • Sales people onboarding process
  • Sales playbook preparation

Channel (partner sales) Development

Elmer Coaching’s Channel Development Services are focused on B2B companies in the IT industry.

I tailor my engagement to needs of my client. My responsibilities cover usually the following topics:

  1. Channel sales strategy definition.
  2. Identification, recruitment and enablement of channel partners aligned with corporate strategy
  3. Partner Management
    • Driving and monitoring partner sales pipeline
    • Revitalize non active partners through activities and initiatives focused on recovering the channel and creating synergies to grow
    • Preparation and performing Quarterly Business Reviews with partners
    • Providing partners with trainings about sales operations, customer engagements, how to use available sales tools or engage with support
  4. Mentoring for channel account managers


I can also take care also about partner contracts, channel specific documents and definitions.

One of my goals is to enable your entire organization to be channel ready.

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