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The purpose of team performance is to drive both individual and collective excellence. A move towards team-based leadership usually requires coaching new leadership styles. Team members need to know how and when to relinquish control and, in so doing, to show respect for the differing perspectives and approaches of those who work for them. This helps keep all levels within the team motivated. I support leaders in understanding how to create high performing teams in a range of situations:


Existing teams

With the potential to perform better.

New teams

Maybe new or reshaped in terms of remit or personnel.

Existing teams facing new challenges

I facilitate diversity of thinking and approach in facing business or market challenges or disruptive change.

Existing teams stepping back to reflect

To improve effectiveness. They’re not broken or new, but just need to recalibrate.

Team coaching

A focus on team coaching to include a wider systemic lens allows our facilitators to work with standalone teams as well as address the connections between teams, helping leadership to engage all stakeholders in the transformation of the business. I help different teams in the organisation, as well as teams from the wider stakeholder community, work more effectively together.

Conversations and Dialogue to engage and empower managers and leaders

I provide a series of modular workshops with follow-up designed to provide the skills and techniques to conduct effective regular dialogues which will engage and develop your key individuals. Delegates learn how to ‘get under the bonnet’ to connect for better engagement, performance and unlocking potential, thereby creating a growth mindset and culture.

I offer short, focused inputs on selected topics, with lots of practice and experiential learning. To keep the programme practical and relevant there are options for delegates to work with each other on real issues and/or scenario-based, using actors as appropriate.

Mentoring for Growth

Elmer Coaching provides both mentor and mentee programmes as I recognise they can add value to both parties. As a mentor, sharing your experiences and wisdom with a mentee gives a positive feeling of worth. For the mentee, tapping into the knowledge and practices of a senior individual can add perspective and help shape your thinking about your career path.

As I understand the time pressures in working life, I also facilitate speed mentoring events which run for 2 – 3 hours. Run in a similar format to speed dating, participants are focused in getting to the point and the suggested advice more quickly, and are able to meet with multiple mentors and mentees in one session.

Thrive to Perform

To thrive in an ever-changing world, organisations must be aligned, agile, and resilient. By aligning culture with transformational goals, Elmer Coaching develops leaders who inspire and engage their teams and mitigate risk by helping people embrace and navigate change to better cope with life’s unexpected challenges and opportunities. Delivered one to one and in small groups, I work with my clients to help people develop their mind-set using a strengths-based approach so that they are able to thrive on change rather than let it diminish them or their place in the team.


What my clients say

Building trust with my clients and their people is of paramount importance to me, as it allows me to make a meaningful impact on them, their teams and their business.  

Elmer Coaching came to us via a personal recommendation. They picked up the dynamics of our group very quickly and facilitated an excellent session our senior management team. Her follow-up after the session was very quick and effective, and made a clear difference to our future approach. Charlotte had a very friendly, approachable style, but was nevertheless direct, and tackled issues in a constructive and supportive way.

Anne Lane

CEO – UCL Business

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